5 A*-C by Local Authority 1996-2013

In putting together these posts on data fails in schools, I thought I’d look at some national figures - so here are the official figures for 5 A*-C (or equivalent) for Wales, by Local Authority:

And, the same data for just English (or first language Welsh), Maths and Science:

Here’s just the 2013 results also split by sex (sorted by increasing difference):

As a teacher I am astounded at these figures. Leaving aside how good/bad they might be for an individual LA - just look at the change from 1996 to 2013.
Across the board all LA show a massive rise in GCSE haul from 1996 to 2013.
I don’t want to do the “why" or even the “are these inflated with vocational quals" - what I want to reflect upon is just how inadequate and disconnected all this “measurement" and “quantification" is.
The “educational" or “results" Elephant:

I’m left with a simple question really and our starter for 10….
“If results have improved to such a degree, why hasn’t there been a step change in the life chances of young people in 2013 compared to 1996?"

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