Draconian ICT Filters? @Postachio to the rescue

My job takes me to a diverse range of schools, council offices, government buildings and "managed" offices. One thing is constant between all these locations - the variety of ICT policies and inconsistency in the degree of web filtering that these organizations apply.
In some locations the Interweb and all it's services are available to all. In others social media, file sharing and You Tube are all blocked, and in yet others, everything, except the "white list" is blocked - but to get on the white list, you've got to promise the next seven generations of unborn children.

Needless to say this leads to confusion and considerable irritation.

Constant through these ICT policies has been the availability of my blog to get through the filters. A fact I've not utilized until now.

@Evernote & @Postachio
Since moving the vast majority of my organized life over to Evernote and leveraging Postach.io to serve up my blogs, it dawned on me that I could start to utilise this combination (for little extra effort) to allow my critical information to be available everywhere, even behind locked down ICT policies.

Evernote is locked down in a fair number of the locations I visit - the reason normally given, due to "file sharing". But Postach.io turns Evernote into a blog post, and serves that content via their own CDN. And blogs are normally fine, however draconian the ICT policy.

Now, with Postach.io Premium, I can set a password to protect my blog >> the implication being, that I can surface content that I want to keep private, and only allow myself to access it, even behind these draconian firewalls.


So, mosey on over to: http://mrgpg.postach.io/ (the password is mrgpg) and you'll see what I mean.

I've shared:
  • Contacts (demo'd for this post, but could be those vital contacts I need on the go, anywhere)
  • Project Notes (again a demo - but linking to documents I might need)
As all of this was (and this blog post) was made inside Evernote, content has been dragged and copied from other notes/notebooks and surfaced on line by Postach.io by setting the "published" tag.

When finished, I can remove the "published" tag and Postach.io instantly removes the post from my secure blog.

Call to action: How can you use @Evernote and @Postachio to serve up your content to help with you workflow and "restricted" ICT?

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