How to move to without killing email

I love the combination of and Evernote - they just hit that sweet spot of ease of use, killer functionality and price point.

Recently, I've used my Pro account in to take my personal domains and make them into a blog, moving away from a self hosted WordPress site.

On face value, it's as easy as:

(1) Change your A records for you domain to point to servers. Job done

And this is what I did for a number of my domains - and it all worked. Or should I say "It all appeared to work". You see, the URL redirected to the servers, and I was happy, but I did not check the resolution of emails. ALL my emails to my recently'd sites were getting stuck in the ether - they were literally bouncing from server to server, never erroring but never getting delivered.

You see, can't give us a complete description of all this, nor should they - every host is different. But.... what a pain ;-)

DNS Editing
The way my host had set it all up -

  • All the CNAMES pointed to with - pointing to the IP addresses of the server.
  • was set up as a CNAME pointing to
  • The MX record for the was pointing to
Out of the box, this set up work fine - web and email addresses all point to, which maps to an IP address. As all these are on the same server - all works well.

So when I changed the IP address for, via the instructions from the web mapping worked fine, but email now pointed to the servers - valid servers, but they have no idea how to handle email.

The solution, when I found it was easy enough:

Making email work with a custom address
  • Keep the top level A record pointing at's servers (as already set up)
  • Create a new A record for and point it to the server IP for your server (not the servers). If there is a CNAME for this, change it to an A record and set the IP address to your server.
  • Change the MX entry to point to

Sit back and watch as previously "lost" emails arrive in your inbox.

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