Migrating from Wordpress to Postach-io Evernote

Dear WordPress

I’m leaving you. There I said it straight out loud.

Fear not, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve changed.

I love the way you’ve grown into a comprehensive and flexible tool that supports the blogging community. I wouldn’t be where I am today (blog-wise) if it wasn’t for you. I’ve enjoyed hosting you on my own server, the painless upgrades and the massive flexibility the your templating system brings me. Thank you, thank you.

But I’ve changed. At 42 years old I’ve become interested in words like “workflow", “duplication" and “ownership". I’m finding that you can’t offer me what I’m looking for any more.


More and more of my content creation is being rationalised into Evernote. It’s online / offline platform independent tools allow me to create content whenever and wherever I am. And now that I’ve discovered Postach.io I can turn that content into a blog by adding a “published" tag.

Your content creation tools are great, and I’ve never struggled to use them, It’s just that this set up suits me more at this time. And dare I say, they allow me to focus on the content I am writing as opposed to the mechanics of how I construct the post.


Recently I’ve found myself blogging more and more as summative event – after I’ve completed something. As a teacher, I find that this means I’m making a special effort to re edit content already created, so that I can post it on a blog. Most of this content already exists as my teaching resources, increasingly inside Evernote.

I’m ending up doing things twice. Once to use in class, and then a re-edit to put on my blog.

WordPress, I’m a busy man and I’d love to re purpose my content with the minimum effort.

I can create my content in Evernote, present it to the class and turn in into a Postach.io blog, all within the same software (either on or off line).


The previous two might be explained away as my “workflow" but “ownership" has been the thing that finally made me go looking for a different solution.

My blog posts, my content. Why is it so difficult to get that content back out from my blog? I own / host you myself, so why can’t I get my articles back out?

I know I can archive and save the whole blog. That works a treat. I know some other sites allow me to import WordPress posts. That too works well. But what I want to do is have my posts as flat files, almost like a directory of Word documents. That way, I can reuse my content whenever and wherever I want.

You can’t do that.

Evernote / Postach.io allows me to do just that.

You see, I own my content, on my PC and synced into the cloud. My blog posts are just notes that can be exported / printed and generally manipulated as I see fit.

WordPress, I want to stay friends as I can see that you offer more power and flexibility than I currently use and one day I might just need your special skills. Unless of course Evernote / Postach.io up the game.

Take care, and good luck with verson 4.0x


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