(not) A Good way to access email

Or How a pricing model can kill your business....

I work in the education advisory service, with our back office supported by a large local authority and their (excellent) ICT support. I'm a mobile user, who switches between laptop, tablet, phone and desktop PC. As a mobile user, we use a Citrix client to access our corporate intranet and email. It works - and this post isn't about any of that.
As part of a technology upgrade we are being issued with shiny new Android phones and iPad Pros. Along with the technology upgrade, we are migrating from Citrix clients to "Good for Enterprise" (from Blackberry) and this is where my story starts.
In the day job I move between equipment quite regularly and access to the intranet / email can be quite challenging. The two factor authentication that Citrix uses works and I can install the Citrix client freely onto any PC - the licensing model must be that the local authority pays for the Citrix server, not the client software - and as I'm only ever logged into one device at a time, this seems quite reasonable. The move to Good has some advantages - email for example is persistent - we can now access corporate email without a live connection as the Good client appears to cache the messages - ditto for composing / sending. Work offline and sync when next connected. All a positive move for us. But the system is fundamentally flawed by the Good licensing.
Good appears to be licensed per intall of the client software. So for me to have the client installed on 5 devices (as I do for Citrix), the local authority needs to purchase 5 licenses for me (and as education is nothing if not cash strapped - this isn't going to happen). So, I can have Good installed on my phone and my iPad Pro, but not on any other device. This seems like a retrograde step and a pricing model that must be impacting on Good corporate sales.
To be a true mobile user, I really want web facilitated two factor authentication, ideally via the browser. No client to install, fire up the browser, user name / password and pin - and off I go. I'm willing to accept that the off-line caching of Good is worth paying for as there are times (in Wales) when the 3G (let alone 4G) access dies - so I need to work off-line, but paying per client install (when only one client will be logged in at once) seems so 1990's.
Come on Good / Blackberry Web 2.0 is here to stay and your pricing model must be killing your business.

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