Using my Android phone via my Laptop

I've just about embraced the capabilities of my smartphone (basic model Motorolla G4) - email, social media and web browsing. But one thing has always been missing - the ability to actually "work" from it as needed.

Sure I have a laptop, but these days access to my my pressing files seem to be via my phone, over WiFi or 4G - and yes, I can connect sid phone to said laptop (running Linux) - but that always seems to be a bit of a faff - with multiple file versions on different devices. And yes, I use the cloud - but at times WiFi is not available and I dont sync all my files to my laptop.

Enter Vysor (@vysorapp) - (a Chrome browser plugin - available from the Chrom site, here - also available as Windows / Mac / Linux standalone). Plug your phone into your laptop via a USB cable - run the Vysor app and your Android phone is displayed on the laptop - not just mirrored, but interactable with via keyboard and mouse.

So I am currently typing this on my laptop, which is controlling my phone and entering this straight into the Evernote app I use for creating blog posts.

Fire up Word / Excel or Powerpoint and I can connect my cloud files (via the phones connectivity) to my laptop. I just works.

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