Using Evernote (and to manage student work

I've tinkered with student portfolios, VLEs and microblogging to manage student work - all to a lesser degree of effectiveness. Either:
  • The learners reject the system (Moodle) due to perceptions over it's "moderness" OR
  • The learners embrace the system for it's novelty and "chat" functions (Edmodo) OR
  • Teachers like the idea (microblogging) but just find the whole experience "bolt on" OR
  • After initial success both students and staff return to the lowest common denominator or E-mail.
And it's this return to email that I wanted to embrace as it seems that everyone knows and likes email. It's stood the test of time.

So, how do I integrate email into my workflow for managing student work?

Evernote Email address
Every Evernote account has an associated email address (under Account Info). Creating a note is as simple as sending an email to that address. Simple.

Any one can send an email to the address, so anyone can create a note in your Evernote account, and with some simple Evernote-fu you can use this to manage student work.

  1. Create a new notebook (in this case 12Phys1) to store incoming work from students.
  2. Students send an email to your Evernote email address, using a subject line: Title @12Phys1

    eg: Subject: Hookes's Law - A Student @12Phys1

  3. This will create a new note, in the 12Phys1 notebook, titled "Hooke's Law - A student"
  4. All the students email in their work and it gets added to your Evernote account. Simple

Evernote does not at present allow editing of notes via email. You can of course edit the note via your Evernote account.

Bonus feature - (optional)
  1. Create a blog, linked to the 12Phys1 notebook
  2. Set a password on the blog - so that only you and your students can gain entry (optional)
  3. Students email in as above, adding #published to the end of the subject line

    eg: Subject: Hookes's Law - A Student @12Phys1 #published

  4. This will create a new note, in the 12Phys1 notebook, titled "Hooke's Law - A student" with the "published" tag
  5. will then publish this onto your blog
Students can access (with the password) the blog and see their work and others.

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