Visiting the Eden Project can save your life

The above data came direct from the UK government and ALVA - and it shows a startling trend, and one that we all need to take seriously. The UK deaths directly attributed to “alcohol" as listed on death certificates has risen rapidly from 2004 – in fact the rate of increase seems to be increasing.

Sadly, the story is different for the Eden Project:

Of course we need to analyse this data more thoroughly – to baseline it with respect to our family of attractions as it were. To show the underlying trend and to allow us to fix the problem by setting up a PLC. So:

The results are dramatic, startling and yet comfortably familiar.

The above chart show quite clearly that as the number of visitors to the Eden Project increases (x axis) the UK deaths due to alcohol reduces (y axis).

Assuming we are worried (and so we should be) by the tragic loss of life due to alcohol, the solution is simple: We need more people to visit the Eden Project. Simples.

Call to Action:
  • When you analyse your attainment data, do you link two measurements together and draw a conclusion?
  • Correlation is not the same as causation

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