WOW! (Not in a good way)

Via my inbox this week:

  • Because of the left-right perspective on this chart, most of the data looks like its growing as we move from 2010 2015 - as the perspective has made the later dates physically bigger than the earlier ones
  • The y-axis is magnifying any of the changes as it starts at 50% (See the Lie Factor)
  • 3D effect makes everything hard to see / distinguish
  • 5 Series of data, mixing numbers of grades with levels of progress
As a parent, would I understand this or would I just see a sea of colour that looks like its getting better over time (Perspective, y-axis and 3D effects)?
Some Excel-fu:
  1. y-axis from 0 to 100%
  2. Separate GCSE attainment from progress
  3. 2D
  4. No gridlines

Call to action
  1. No 3D - ever
  2. No perspective - ever
  3. Use a complete scale (Lie Factor)
  4. No gridlines and other eye candy
  5. Remember who your audience is

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