Year on Year GCSE results

This arrived today:

Which on first reading seemed a little odd - exactly what was going on and why are the data points different sizes? Turns out, it's quite an interesting view of year on year results. (In this case the size of the point is the number of entrants in 2012)
The idea is simple - take the 2011 A*-C data for all the subjects in your school and plot them against the same subjects results for 2012.
Subjects that lie on the x=y line have done the same as in previous years, and those above / below have done better / worse. The more they differ from the x=y line, the greater the difference - nice and visual.
Some Excel-fu gave me:
I have highlighted the x=y line and those subjects most above and below the status quo.
So I can see that in 2012 Female Construction and Maths did much better and Female Manufacturing did less well. Ditto Maths for the boys.

Not sure on the mileage, but a nice compact visualisation of year on year progress.

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